Why Life Storytelling is the Best Skill to Learn Today

Is Life Storytelling the Best Skill to Learn? Some of the brightest, most creative minds found value to learning at any age. Albert Einstein said that “intellectual growth should commence at birth and cease only at death.” At age 87, Michelangelo said, “I am still learning.” Even Sophocles said that people should “always desire to…

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Safe and Proven Way to Recover from Your Traumatic Life

Safe and proven way to recover from traumatic life

“Pain is the pen that writes the song that calls us forth to dance.” –Michael Card   I’ll let you in on a secret…You can discover the path to emotional healing and master your life through the power of the pen. It’s true! Even if you don’t consider yourself a writer, the process of writing…

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Shine On! with Antiqua Lisha

Blog Shine On

I was a guest on Antiqua Lisha’s Shine: Your Own University radio show on Blogtalk Radio today. It was fun discussing how to find your life theme and start writing about your life! We talked about how I got into lifestory writing in the first place, as well as the upcoming Your Fulfilled Life Summit. I’ll be one of the featured speakers there along with a wide variety of speakers. Check it out!

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Capturing Life Around You: Write

Blog capture-write

If you want to write about your life, you know that at some point pen will have to hit paper. What you may not know is how important it is to get the process started. Many amateur writers are intimidated by beginning. They want to wait for inspiration to hit. Successful writers rarely wait for such a miracle because they know the secret. Here it is…

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Capturing Life Around You: Observe

Blog capture-observe

Everyone has a story to tell, but the act of actually writing it down for others to read is an intimidating proposition for many. In the end, there are usually only three things you need to do to capture your life and put it on paper. The first is the skill of observation.

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