Yes, you can write the first chapter of your life story... just seven days

The complete, detailed 4-step process to get started on your life storytelling

...and get your first chapter written within just 7 days!

~ Writing Experience Not Necessary ~

Here's what you'll learn...

  • Why it's important for anyone, even people who don't consider themselves writers, to discover their life stories
  • The reason it's vital to write those stories out
  • How to discover the wisdom from your life's experiences and use it to create a more joy-filled life - and what that works for everyone
  • How to easily pluck stories from your past, and craft them to share your wisdom...even if some of those stories are very tough
  • PLUS: Free resource - The Ultimate List of Life Storytelling Resources You Can't Live Without
  • PLUS: Free download - You Don't Have to be a Writer to Write Your Life Stories
  • PLUS: Free guide - Life Storytelling Toolkit

You'll come away with an action plan for the next steps in your writing. By this time next week, you'll have the first chapter of your life story written!

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