Hi, I'm Stacy

I believe that life storytelling is a healing process that employs the very language we use to construct meaning and purpose in our every day lives.


With words.


It’s powerful beyond measure because when you truly start to understand how these words and stories affect the way we think and act, you suddenly have the tools to change your life. You become more resilient.


Life Happens...Life Storytelling Transforms It!

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How I help you heal...

I love to help people discover and tell their life stories because it provides them with insight and courage to finally make progress. They become a more authentic person, comfortable with who they are and where they're going.


I’ve made it my mission to help people with tough life situations tell their stories. Why? Because I’ve been through tough situations myself…in fact, I was a sociopath’s wife.

I know first-hand that it can be one of the hardest things to do to get past those difficult times in your life. In 2010, I was in the middle of a several-years-long divorce with a sociopath. It was the lowest point in my life.

It’s hard recovering after the bottom drops out from under you, trying to piece together who you really are, or finally listening to your own intuition again after being silenced for so long…and living in freedom as an authentic person. But...it's POSSIBLE!

It took me years to finally be authentic because I was bogged down by self-doubt, by trying to please other people…by trying to just get by, and to move on as if nothing affected me. I told myself “I’ll make it through” and “I can do this!” but I kept making the same mistakes over and over again.

I realized this only by doing the inner work necessary. I started digging into what my life stories were. That’s what truly created my ability to change my life story – to become more authentic and free to be who I really am.

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Because of that,

I was able to create the

Real Life Resilience podcast

and Lifestory Laboratory courses!


I help change the status quo, because writing about your life is transformative.

Through my classes, I’ve found that I enjoy coaching all kinds of students who want to write their life stories – whether they do so to publish a memoir or magazine article, to heal from past trauma, to preserve family memories or to simply write just for themselves.

That means you’re in my wheelhouse if…

  • You’ve been through hell and lived to tell about it
  • You’ve got an unbelievable story to share
  • Your family skeletons are poking out of the closet
  • You want to move beyond your label
  • You desire to tell a truth that no one knows
  • You’ve been told “You should write about that!” or you’re frequently asked to “Tell me about the time when…”
  • Your wisdom cries out to be heard
  • You want to be more resilient

Maybe you don’t have any writing experience at all, but you’d like to learn how to turn every day events into riveting tales that other people want more of.

stacy Brookman

I can help you with that!

I get a thrill helping people discover and write their life stories. It’s especially impactful for people with conflict in their lives…and who doesn’t have trouble of some sort?


Writing helps you get beyond that conflict in a way that resonates. I can show you how.

Telling your story helps you heal

I’m a Mom of two teens, an entrepreneur and lifelong learner. I’ve loved words all my life…a good turn of phrase, unique word combinations, crafted together to create a good story. I teach lifestory and memoir classes. I podcast about real life resilience and lifestorytelling. And I help people just like you learn how to craft and tell their life stories. If you want to find out how to shape your story and transform your life, click on the link below to discover your resilience:

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Whatever brought you here, I invite you to check out the free resources we have to help you tell your story...and step into the joy-filled life you were meant to have. They're in the Quick Links section below.


People who connect with me love it that I don’t flood them with a lot of sales “stuff.” I don’t care for nonsense and filler emails so you can hear from me every day. I just won’t do it! If I don’t have anything valuable to say, you won’t hear from me…but what you CAN expect is to receive good, solid information that you can act on approximately once a week. I share free resources. And I’ll teach you how to craft a story so compelling that others will not only read it, but share it with their friends and family. (Unless, of course, it’s for your eyes only. That’s OK too!)

Are you ready?


What's YOUR tough life story?

Embrace Your Story...

Everyone has a story to tell....but some people need to discover and embrace their story first.

Life storytelling is an incredibly powerful tool for personal transformation.

I’ve been able to help people just like you, from the path of frustration and repeated mistakes, to a solid plan for telling their life stories to achieve freedom from the past.

It begins with discovering your life theme and considering those pivotal moments in your life that you need to explore.


Powerless to Confident...

I want to shortcut that journey for you.

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Here's what others have to say...

Ronda B.
Ronda B.

"Stacy is a highly creative and motivating individual. I've enjoyed her personality, the fabulous information, and encouragement. I never even knew I wanted to write....and now I have lots of stories to pass down to my family."

Bobbi J.
Bobbi J.
"I wanted to capture my family's unique history before it was forgotten. The benefit is that I was able to make friends with the past, while improving the future."
Sheila P.
Sheila P.
"WriteOfYourLife taught me to write through some very tough times. I won't forget those times, and I've been able to work through them and come out a better person. I'm not sure if I'll publish my stories or not, but I know I could if I wanted to."