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About The Show

Welcome to the Write of Your Life podcast!

Show Tagline: Life Happens…lifestorytelling transforms it!

Show Philosophy: It feels much safer for someone to process words on paper than confront tough situations. It’s valuable to tell the tale, through lifestorytelling, and heal from difficult circumstances. Trace your trouble, transcribe your tale, transform your life.

Show Description: The Write of Your Life podcast mission is to help people with tough life situations tell their stories. It’s also for family historians, teens, young adults, and others who have a tale to tell. That means Write of Your Life may spark your curiosity if:

  • You’ve been through hell and lived to tell about it,
  • You’ve got an unbelievable story to share
  • Your family skeletons are poking out of the closet
  • You want to move beyond your label
  • You desire to tell a truth that no one knows
  • Your wisdom cries out to be heard
  • You’ve been told “You should write about that!”
  • You’re frequently asked to “Tell me about the time when…”

Show Audience:  Write of Your Life listeners are people who like an interesting story, people who may at some point write about their lives whether it’s in a journal, a memoir, or a personal essay…for publishing or not. They are people who are just starting to realize the health and psychological benefits of writing through a stressful time or writing to reflect on past difficulty. They are also genealogists who want to tell their family history, teens and youth who want to discover how and why to write about their life, and others who have an interest in memoir and story in general.

If you are interested in being a guest on the show here’s some great info.

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