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Benefits for Featured Guests

You’ll LOVE Guesting on Write of Your Life Podcast!

Our team is EXCITED about the benefits the Write of Your Life podcast brings to its audience and guest experts.

Hhalf_of_america_listens_to_online_radioere’s what you can expect by being our Featured Guest:

– It’s easy, fun and fast  – and the benefits to you continue to accrue over time

– We showcase you in an authentic and professional way; creating rapport and credibility with the audience

– We record, edit and produce a high-quality audio file and article with your episode that you can share and be proud of

– We promote you to a fresh (and GROWing) audience through iTunes podcasting platform, check out the rapid industry growth in the image at left

Your Episode Stays Evergreen

Your time is valuable, so is ours… that’s why we use technology to work smarter and multiply our results. We publish our program via a podcast because podcastingpodcast syndication provides significant advantages over traditional radio broadcasting. When we feature a guest on our program (that’s YOU), that episode is saved as a digital media file (mp3). Each audio file lives permanently on our server and can be found on our website, through search engines and via Social Media as well as through our iTunes and Stitcher podcast feeds.

Each time a new listener subscribes to our podcast, your episode gets downloaded to their device or iTunes account. That means that your episode remains evergreen and more and more people will hear your message as we continue to build our audience. That is a huge benefit over what an old-school radio show can generate because once a live radio program has aired… it’s over, dead, done forever.

Your Episode Is Syndicated

Syndication soical-mediameans we distribute your episode to top-ranking websites and services around the world including:

Google +
Email Syndication to Write of Your Life subscribers
RSS feed distribution to leading Podcast Directories

We’re Experienced in Storytelling

While Write of Your Life debut on iTunes and Stitcher in Q3 2015, our host Stacy Curtis is a seasoned lifestory and memoir instructor and draws on podcast expertise from the John Lee Dumas’ Podcasters Paradise group, of which she is a member. Each month listeners download over 5,000 episodes; numbers our team will quickly add to as the result of the content distribution and marketing systems we use. As we track listener statistics, we’ll be sure to update this page with current numbers!

Write of Your Life Is Mobile

shift_to_mobileThis new national survey from Edison Research and Triton Digital found that the audience for all forms of online radio* is now 36% of all Americans age 12 and older, or 94 million weekly listeners in the U.S.

“The continued penetration of smartphones in America is changing behavior significantly,” noted Tom Webster, Vice President of Strategy and Marketing, Edison Research. “We are now seeing activities that were dominated by desktop usage in 2013, flip dramatically to become mobile behaviors.For millions of Americans, the smartphone has become ‘the first screen.’”

2014 marks the year when more Internet traffic was sent to and from mobile devices than from desktop computers. Understanding the trend toward mobile will only increase in the coming years, we built a responsive website meaning that it determines which kind of device the visitor is using and dynamically changes the display to accurately match their device and keep visitors on our website longer.

Add Your Episode to Your Own Websiteembed player

We’ll provide you with hyperlinks to your episode so that you can share your recording with your own network and audience. We’ll also provide you with HTML code that will allow you to easily embed your episode on your own website where your visitors can play and replay your episode. Being our featured guest not only provides you with credibility, it’s also a great way to keep visitors engaged on your website by listening instead of reading.

Free Resource Directory Listing

BusinessDirectoryOur mission is to promote the professionals in the field of lifestory and memoir writing. That’s why we’ve added a searchable Resource Directory where our listeners can get detailed information about who you are and the types of products and services you provide. As our way of saying “Thanks for being our featured guest”, we’ll create a complete listing to showcase your business and we’ll keep it active for one year at no cost to you! We’ll even add your radio episode to our directory so prospective clients can hear from you directly within your listing… how cool is that?

Note: our Resource Directory will go public on Write of Your Life scheduled for 2nd Quarter 2016. We are currently receiving directory submissions for review by our team.