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Make changes to your body and mind to gain the confidence to pursue your passion and live your dreams.  Debi Silber, The Mojo Coach, has led thousands of clients to “get their mojo back” and transform into their personal and professional best. Her real-life examples will spark your own ideas.


Lifestory Toolkit: Qwerky Writer 

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This episode’s Lifestory Toolkit features Qwerky Writer, a unique typewriter inspired mechanical keyboard (with the tactile clicky sound) compatible with your computer or tablet. It connects wirelessly via Bluetooth and features industrial strength mechanical switches that provide a unique clicky tactile feel. The Return Bar functions as an ENTER key by default and programmable, remembering up to 5 characters. It features typewriter inspired keycaps plus a built-in stand that can accommodate tablets up to 10 inches wide and 1/2 inch thick. You can order now for $349 at


Free Download: Does Your Scrapbook Have a Story Arc?

Does Your Scrapbook Have a Story Arc?

Debi Silber, Mojo, CoachAbout: Debi Silber, The Mojo Coach

Debi Silber MS, RD, WHC, FDN The Mojo Coach®, CEO of Lifestyle Fitness, Inc. and founder of and is a recognized health, weight loss, fitness, wellness, lifestyle and personal development expert. She’s a speaker, consultant and author of 2 books recommended by Brian Tracy, Marshall Goldsmith, Jack Canfield and many more. Debi’s branded The Mojo Coach® because she’s led countless others to achieve their ultimate body, mind, image and lifestyle; inspiring them to “get their mojo back” and transform into their personal and professional best. In addition to being a highly credentialed and awarded health expert, Debi has her own line of deliciously healthy Mojo Fuel Bars™ and shakes, has also contributed to FOX, CBS, TEDx, The Dr. Oz show, The Huffington Post, Shape, Self, Health, Working Mother, Forbes, Psychology Today, WebMD, Yahoo Shine, Ladies Home Journal, MSN, Woman’s World and Glamour to name a few.

The Mojo Coach® is THE secret behind some of the healthiest, most influential, charismatic and successful professionals today.




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