Storytelling as Currency for Human Connection

Storytelling as currency for human connection, elora nicole, writing down the bones

“I believe everyone has a story and that storytelling has the possibility of changing the world. It’s a high concept, I know. This doesn’t mean everyone will write a memoir or a piece of fiction. But, if we know how to read our stories we’re so much better off in articulating our purpose and knowing next steps. Sometimes, that purpose includes writing. Other times, it’s just decisions that leave us stumped. We can’t know our story unless we’ve allowed it room to breathe,” Elora Nicole, author and coach.

Storytelling is an Excavation

  • You can’t bite everything off at once and expect to be the same person afterward
  • It’s like a chunk of ice, you have to take an ice pick to it and work around the edges
  • The more you write and focus on the peripheral of your story, the more some of the core pieces will surface


Storytelling is Currency for Human Connection

  • Tell me a story, the why behind the why, I’m more likely to connect with you and understand on a deeper level.
  • When faced with a conflict, it’s natural to reach for a story
  • That’s why storytelling changes the world
  • When you have a connection with someone, it’s harder to ostracize them and use them as a stereotype


Take Home Message:

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  • Start excavating YOUR story by working around the edges


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Elora has been telling stories her whole life. It started with Dr. Seuss, writing in the margins of her books ways in which she felt the story could improve. As she’s gotten older, her love of storytelling morphed into teaching high school English for ten years, graduating with an M. Ed in Curriculum and Instruction, and writing three novels. We can get caught on the term story. It’s kitschy. It’s popular. It’s overused. But she believes in its purest form, storytelling is one of the best currencies we have for human connection.



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