A Rocky Road to Love

Kamala Chambers

Writing love letters to her seven failed relationships was cathartic and a learning experience for author Kamala Chambers. She made each letter, and it’s subsequent learned wisdom, into a chapter in her book Road to Love.  Listen to discover how writing made her a better person.

Writing Yourself Into a Better Person

According to Kamala, writing has helped her become a better person. She reflects on where she’s at, and can dissect some things that are tumbling around in her head. And she can get clear on what’s really going on.

  • Usually, we’re not upset about things for the reasons we think we are, and writing unpacks all of that.
  • When you’re vulnerable, when you put yourself out there, there’s a kind of softening towards you. People understand you more, and are more open with you.
  • Keeping a journal can be someone’s saving grace because it helps us to understand the dialogue within. And you can look back on your past journaling, and really tap into what you were feeling at the time. It’s like having access to a past you.

Why Love Letter Writing?

  • Love letters are probably the most intimate form of writing there is. You can write about everything from when you first fell in love to where one of you broke the other’s heart. When we fall in love and when we’re in love and when we fall out of love, these are the times in our lives where we grow and develop and learn so much. Writing a love letter to someone you used to be in a relationship with can be amazingly cathartic – because you get to say all of the things you wished you’d said, all the things you wished you’d known. And most of the time, you won’t even feel like you need to send it.

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Stacy’s Journal

Welcome to Stacy’s Journal! In this segment, I let you peek into my journal as I share my thoughts on a topic or resilience resource. Let’s talk about journals here. Kamala mentioned that keeping a journal can be someone’s saving grace because it helps us understand the dialogue within. I never understood that until I started writing myself. It really is miraculous! I encourage everyone to start journaling. When I first started, I had a few doubts. I started during an extremely troubling time in my life. I thought, gee, I’m just going to write negative things. I don’t want that to be a reflection of who I am. In fact, I started and stopped several times. But…once I realized that just because I write about all the terrible things that happen in my life, doesn’t mean I’m a terrible person, or that I have a bad personality. It actually helped me clear my head of those negative thoughts. It freed me to see the situation that I was in for what it was. Something that I could handle. When you’re stressed, angry, frustrated, sad, or really any emotion, writing down your feelings and writing down the situation will bring you clarity. It puts the situation in the proper place in your mind.  So, yes, I really advocate for journaling. I’ve put a couple of journals that I recommend in the shownotes.

That’s all we have for today. Next week, we’ll interview Manny Wolfe who, as a child, survived one of the 10 most violent cities in America. So if you’ve had some tough life circumstances yourself, or are going through a tough situation right now, you might want to stay tuned for that. I love interacting with our listeners on social media. We’re on Pinterest, Facebook and just about anywhere you can hold a great virtual conversation.

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About: Kamala Chambers

Kamala Chambers, Love Letters, CoachFor over 10 years, Kamala Chambers has mentored entrepreneurs and coaches. She’s an online launch strategist, award winning coach, best-selling author, podcast host of two hit shows (Thriving Launch & Lasting Love Connection), intimacy coach, and creator of Launch School. By the age of 20, Kamala was a lead instructor at Earth Walk Institute of Healing Arts, owned her own business, had traveled with a video production company, and had hitch-hiked across 3 provinces, 12 countries, and 20 states. Her online business success allows her the freedom to travel the world and vacation at her self-built eco-home on the beautiful San Juan Islands.




Website: Thriving Launch and Kamala Chambers

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Book: Road To Love: Lessons and Love Letters from a Journey to Intimacy


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