Why Writing Builds Resiliency

Kathy Gruver Writing Builds Resiliency

Why worry twice? We can’t necessarily stop things, but we can stop freaking out about them. Dr. Kathy Gruver explains that the future always starts now. With every exhale we can make a more resilient choice.


Resilient Rather than Freaking Out

Highlights from the interview:
  • Affirmations help to reduce stress – particularly if you handwrite them, because they’ll more easily go into your subconscious.
  • People who wrote down affirmations about who they are, or positive events, found they went into future situations looking at the positive side of things, and not thinking about what could go wrong, and even having different reactions to things.
  • It’s much better to say “I am healthy and well right now” than it is to say “I hope I don’t get sick.”
  • Our body is incredibly suggestible to what other people say to us and to what we’re thinking about.
  • Stress is hazardous – about 70 to 90% of doctor’s visits are due to stress-related illnesses.
  • Why suffer twice? If you’re going to get news from the doctor about whether or not you have cancer in a week’s time, why worry about it now? If you have cancer, won’t that be bad enough anyway? Need you have worried about it all week and then felt even worse when you received the actual news? It’s better to think positively because you’ll be in a better state to handle any bad news when it does finally arrive.
  • The more present we can be, the more positive we can be.
  • “The future always starts now.” With every exhale we can make a different and more resilient choice.
  • We can’t necessarily stop things, but we can stop freaking out about them.

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Lifestory Writing




Stacy’s Journal

Welcome to Stacy’s Journal! In this segment, I let you peek into my journal as I share my thoughts on a topic or resilience resource. Let’s talk about affirmations. I’ve got to be honest, because that’s what a journal is about, right? Your honest feelings? In the past, I’ve not really been a fan of affirmations. Reminded me too much of the Saturday Night Live skit with Stuart Smalley. However, I’ve since done more digging into the mind/body connection. Self-affirmations really do help and there’s scientific evidence for that with one caveat. You have to really believe what you’re saying. If you don’t believe it, you could end up feeling even worse! To tweak affirmations and make them effective for you, scientists say that you should write about the things you value, such as your honesty, family, creativity, etc…Affirming those things you value, and remembering those times when you exhibited those values does activate the reward system in your brain and gives you those positive vibes. Here’s a great article about affirmations. With that, I think I’ll get to writing a few new affirmations of my own!


That’s all we have for today. That’s all we have for today. Last episode, Manny Wolfe discussed surviving a hellacious early life – so if you’ve had a tough childhood, you might want to go back and have a listen. Next week, we’ll interview Matt Gagnon who tells us to write our own comeback story.


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