Songwriter Series: Shared Experience

Luke Wade

You have to get past your ego and find your shared experience with people. The things we’re most afraid to show people are the things we have most in common. Since I’ve come to understand that I’ve been able to write towards this common ground and connect myself with people and create an environment full of shared understanding.  And I really think that’s the power of music.

The Songwriters Experience

The biggest challenge of songwriting is to get over yourself and realize that the most beautiful thing about writing a song is that it can be shared.

Growing up in the quiet little Texas town of Dublin seems a fateful beginning for a soul singer. The youngest of four children, an unlikely series of childhood ailments provided Luke with an early sense of perspective that many never find even as adults. A bout of spinal meningitis proved almost fatal, a paintball accident left him blind in one eye and some years later a severe heatstroke left him struggling to overcome temporary brain damage and amnesia. And though these experiences inevitably influence his music, it is not in the fatalistic way you might expect. While his songs may have that soulful ‘written on the porch because the house was too damned hot’ feel, the end result is a style that feels ever hopeful.

Luke explains the moment he realized he was a singer/songwriter and he had realized his potential.

Take Home Message:

  • When you practice songwriting, it’s like someone asks you questions that you don’t know the answer to and you explore that and turning the answers into stories.
  • Understand the value and the challenges of having a unique perspective. Everyone’s life is completely unique to them. Within that, you can find shared experiences to connect with other people


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Fort Worth Texas Soul Singer Luke Wade ended up just shy of the Top 4 of NBC’s Emmy Award-winning musical-competition series “The Voice” Season 7.  Luke was featured on The Today Show, the Ellen Show, Entertainment Tonight, E!, and many other nationally syndicated programs throughout his journey on the show.  He is now on tour throughout the U.S. Check out his tour schedule here:





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