Write Your Own Comeback Story

Matt Gagnon - Life Coach

“I am the courageous heart that passionately beats to empower the hurt, broken, and lost. I believe that people are naturally creative, resourceful, and whole,” says life coach Matt Gagnon. “And it’s never too late to write your own comeback story.”

Time for Your Own Comeback Story

Highlights from the interview:
  • The day he officially became a life coach – September 29th 2014 – was the greatest day of validation for him, because it felt like he was completely on the right track.
  • He helps people through transition periods in their lives by helping them to articulate the story that’s in their head. It helps people because they’ve often never said these things out loud before for fear of being judged.
  • If people aren’t owning things that happened, if they’re not being completely honest, he’ll call them out. He’ll do that until they see vulnerability not as a weakness, but as a strength.
  • Journaling is important. Because you might say something for the first time, admit something for the first time, and then feel that high, that rush, and be proud of yourself. But then, when you go home, when you’re alone, you might feel shame, and you can’t believe you just said those things. That’s when its important to journal, to write it all down, because you’ll start to realize that this voice – the voice of the saboteur – is wrong.
  • Saying you want to focus on your career goals is a safe way to get into coaching – a more accepted way, probably – but it always leads to stuff about a person’s life.
  • Coaching is like taking your mind to the gym.
  • His life and core purpose: “I am the courageous heart that passionately beats to empower the hurt, broken, and lost.”
  • Another core belief is that each client is naturally creative, resourceful, and whole.
  • Something to sit with and think about: it’s never too late – to follow your own passion, to live your dream, to write your own comeback story.

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Stacy’s Journal

Welcome to Stacy’s Journal! In this segment, I let you peek into my journal as I share my thoughts on a topic or resilience resource. I really enjoyed this interview with Matt because I gained huge insights into what a life coach can ultimately do. They help you move your own road blocks out of the way! How valuable is that? Since we are all naturally creative, resourceful and whole, a life coach brings out the best in us at a critical time. A time when we can’t see or bring out the best in ourselves. They help us take our past and our present, and create a much better future. It’s a gift.


I especially enjoyed the philosophy that it’s never too late to follow your own passion, to live your dream, and to write your own comeback story. Stop and think for a moment. If you were to write your comeback story, starting from where you are right now, what would that look like? It might be worth spending 20 or 30 minutes writing that out. Go ahead, put your dreams and desires, your passions, down on paper, and write your own comeback story. I’d love to hear what those are. Head over to our FB page and share those in the comments section for this episode.


That’s all we have for today. Last episode, Kathy Gruver discussed conquering stress through writing – so if you’re going through some stress right now, or have recently been stressed, you might want to go back and have a listen. Next week, we’ll interview Evan Hanson who wrote Two Journeys to Manhood.


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Matt Gagnon believes in comeback stories and that it’s never too late to pursue your passion and live the life you have always wanted to live. Most of all, he believes in people. Matt serves individuals, groups, and organizations through times of transition, while developing their personal brand. His clients learn how to articulate the many different chapters of life they have experienced, are presently in, and what’s yet to be written. He longs for people to experience true fulfillment in life where one can define and honor their values, beliefs, and life purpose.



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