A Knight With Mindfulness

“We keep going through the things that hurt us because we fail to let go of the old and make room for new things in our lives.” Michael Neeley, the author of The Art of Forgetting, emphasizes that some of the negative patterns in our lives are from actions that we take subconsciously, without much thought going into the process.


Let Go…or Be Dragged: Writing to Heal From Trauma

From his pharmaceutical background, Michael Neeley came across the concept of a blind study and this helped him understand how a person’s beliefs and expectations can influence the actions of others. Constantly repeating a concept to yourself can make it your reality and it’s therefore important to let go of the wrong preconceptions thus giving yourself and others a chance to have a new start.

We tend to create negative patterns in our lives because we wish to prove to ourselves that we were right and the outcome can be different. By accepting that we are the common denominator in our experiences, we are able to actively participate in changing the course of our lives.

The suntan effect is seen in our lives when we get new information on how to improve our lives and for a few days or weeks it excites us but soon it no longer holds a significant meaning to us. Only by ensuring we let go of our past totally can we then be able to use the new information to help ourselves recover from the trauma in our lives.

  • Let go of the preconceptions you have about others and about yourself so that you can get a new start.
  • Disengage from operating on autopilot and take control of your life by paying attention to all the actions you take (mindfulness).
  • By clearing out the old beliefs and influences in your life, you will make room for new and positive information that will help transform your life.


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Michael Neeley, Coach, Art of ForgettingAbout: Michael Neeley

Michael Neeley is a former professional actor and medieval knight turned writer, motivational speaker, personal development coach, and the creator of the transformational program The Art of Forgetting as well as the podcast, Consciously Speaking.

He has appeared in feature films with Mel Gibson and Kevin Costner, worked on the stage with Andre Braugher and Kathleen Chalfant, and had recurring roles in several popular soap operas. His studies in character development took place both on and off camera, and ultimately fueled his desire to pursue personal development and consciousness training as a profession.

His soon to be released book, The Art of Forgetting, is an essential element for anyone about to embark on, or already on a path of personal growth and discovery. It is a useable set of tools to help you uncover and unplug the underlying stories you’ve created that are now hindering your life’s journey. Not only is he a masterful storyteller, he is also a masterful story-eraser; helping you unwind your past and open up to a future of infinite possibility.

Michael is also a student of Buddhism and sits on the Board of Directors at Insight Santa Cruz. His contemplative practices form a great part of the foundation of his work and even inspired him to create Consciously Speaking, where meditation, awareness, and conscious living are made simple and available to everyone.

You can learn more about Michael at www.MichaelNeeley.com. From his website, you are invited to follow him on Facebook and Twitter and to tune in to his weekly podcast.





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