Scripting the Side Hustle

Side Hustle Nick Loper

On day one of self-employment, Nick Loper’s website went down and his vision of hammocks and four hour work weeks disappeared. Google shut down his account and he realized the importance of diversification. Since then, he’s written about his side hustle life, chronicling his experiments for the world to see. Lifestory Toolkit: Pro Writing Aid, Free Download: 5 Myths About Life Story Writing.

Scripting the Side Hustle 

Side-Hustle-NationChief Side Hustler Nick Loper never imagined his first day of self-employment after quitting his corporate job would be a disaster. But he made lemons out of lemonade by trying out multiple side jobs and blogging about how well they worked for him. His life is an open experiment for others to see.

Nick approaches most things in life as an experiment because it lessens the sting of failure and positions it as an opportunity for learning and growth rather than a life or death event.

Nick has enjoyed writing since his grade school days and early in life started a blog to chronicle his life. “My Mom would say ‘Go play outside’, and I would say ‘No, I am just going to write a story’. It was like a weird thing to do, but you have that outlet even if nobody was reading it,” says Nick.

Side Hustle PathUltimately, Nick niched his writing down to his side hustle explorations. One of the most addicting platforms he writes for is Amazon. He reaches many more people there than he can on his website.

Listen in for Nick’s fascinating story!

Take Home Message:

  • Persistence in writing on a regular basis is a skill worth having. If you work at it, you’re going to improve it.
  • Check out Nick’s website and podcast at:


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Free Download: 5 Myths About Life Story Writing

5 Myths About Life Story Writing


Nick-Loper-HS-croppedAbout: Nick Loper

Nick Loper helps people earn money outside of their day job. He’s an author, online entrepreneur, and life-long student in the game of business. His latest role is as Chief Side Hustler at, a growing community and resource for aspiring and part-time entrepreneurs.




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