The Sociopath’s Wife

According to research, 4% of the population are sociopathic and she married into the club. In this powerful story, we discover that truth is often stranger than fiction. Stacy unwittingly fell in love and married a man who appeared to be loving, caring and all that she ever wanted. She was painfully wrong. 


Discovering the Sociopath’s Wife

Stacy discovered that her husband had been living a double life, seeking sexual activities with other men and women via Craigslist.

Stacy knew her marriage was tough, things had been rough for ten years, but that instance proved that she needed to make changes to protect her daughters so they would not grow up in utter dysfunction and think that this was normal.

She sought an attorney and thought that would be the beginning of healing. She was wrong…

After hiring an attorney, her husband began displaying outrageous behaviors:

  • He cleared out the home of personal belongings and memorabilia
  • He became paranoid and targeted her for ruin
  • He turned off the water source to the house to prevent the family from using it
  • He filled all of the toilets with feces
  • Cut the lights off the walls
  • Cut the wires to the heating system
  • Sent Child Protective Services to investigate her
  • He caused her to lose her job
  • He put spy gear in her car

Stacy was the victim of a husband with a personality disorder and it is important to note that there was nothing she could have done to prevent the outrage and behaviors that he exhibited.

What I loved about this interview is the raw truth Stacy shared. She wants other women to understand the signs so they can protect themselves and their children. She is wants you to be safe if you are living in the shadows of the control of a Sociopath.

Things to look for:

  • Little or no conscience
  • Ability to walk away from any situation without remorse
  • Cuts off relationships that do not serve a purpose
  • Very judgemental
  • Telling a convincing and woeful story
  • Mimicking genuine emotions as a form of manipulation

Stacy was able to disconnect from the madness and recreate a life that uses story and writing to break free from pain and begin again. You can find more about her programs at Life Story Telling. You can connect with Stacy on Facebook too. 

Stacy is brave and did what she needed to do and you can too. If you need to talk about an unsafe situation, you can grab free time with me here and we can discuss your unique situation.

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