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What is your life theme? If you wrote a memoir, what would it be titled? Why should anyone write about their life? I posed these questions to participants at the Stories From The Heart Story Circle Conference. Their heartfelt answers provide a voyeur’s view into these women’s lives.


conflogo1sStories Shared at Story Circle Conference

What drives a woman to share her life stories? What is the meaning of doing so? Turns out…a lot. I attended the Story Circle Conference in Austin, Texas, last month and met some pretty amazing writers. Many who never imagined themselves as writers in the past. These ladies are using writing to reinvent themselves – or reinventing themselves and then writing about it.

I posed several questions and asked them to answer in 30 seconds to one minute. Their fascinating answers will inspire you.

Thanks to the Story Circle Network for allowing me to record these wise words. If you don’t consider yourself a writer, but you have a story to tell, Story Circle Network is a great place to dip your toe into the writing waters. It’s a group of supportive women in all stages of writing talent.

Actionable Items:

  • Start this week by answering these questions:
    • What is your life theme?
    • If you wrote a memoir, what would it be titled?
    • Why should anyone write about their life?
    • What have you learned from writing about your life (if you’ve done it)?
  • Check out the Story Circle Network and consider joining


Lifestory Toolkit: Story Circle Network

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This episode’s Lifestory Toolkit features, of course, The Story Circle Network!  is dedicated to helping women share the stories of their lives through memoir, poetry, fiction, nonfiction, and drama, and to raising public awareness of the importance of women’s personal histories. We carry out our mission through publications, a website, classes, workshops, writing and reading circles, and woman-focused programs. Our activities empower women to tell their stories, discover their identities through their stories, and choose to be the authors of their own lives.


Free Download: 5 Myths About Life Story Writing

5 Myths About Life Story Writing


Story Circle, Conference, WomenAbout: Story Circle Network

The Story Circle Network was founded in early 1997 by Dr. Susan Wittig Albert and received its 501(c)(3) status shortly afterward. It  is guided by a board of directors and incorporated as a Texas not-for-profit corporation. Activities are funded by the annual dues of the members, through educational activities, and by the generous gifts and grants of supporters (such as the $100,000 grant that supported the Older Women’s Legacy Circle Project). The National office is located in Austin, TX, and the membership is made up of hundreds of women around the country who share their experiences in Story Circles in their local communities, through our Internet Chapter, and through the Story Circle Journaleletters, book review website, online classes and a mentorship program.




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