QUIZ: Which Memoir is Most Like Your Life Story?

quiz - memoir most like your life story

Have you ever thought your life should be a story? Or a movie?


Themes are common amongst creative storytelling…because they’re taken from real life.


We’ve collected over 100 of the most popular memoirs of the past 100 years.


Which one is most like YOUR life story?

which memoir is most like your life story

Take the quiz to find out!


Click here to take the quiz!


Find out which memoir reflects your reality.  Be sure to share in the comments what your results are.


Don’t miss out! I’m curious to see what you come up with.


Want to know which memoirs are included?


Here’s the big list of 100+ Most Popular Memoirs of the past 200 years. These are classic, impactful, and ultimately engaging stories.


Check out the master list on that page (and download it) to see which ones you’ve already read.






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