Emotional Abuse - resilience

For women who are (or have been) in emotionally abusive relationships...

...and the friends and family who love them.

Over 30 speakers on topics including...

  • What is emotional abuse?
  • Recognizing that a friend/family member is in an abusive situation and how to help them
  • Defining your options to stay or go
  • When you should break free of an abusive situation and how to make a plan
  • Our brain's response to abuse trauma
  • What to do when your story is too overwhelming to share with others
  • Grieving a failed relationship
  • Building your support system
  • Co-parenting with a narcissist/sociopath or abuser
  • Reconciling your faith with this evil
  • How to find the right therapist for you
  • Building your self-confidence after abuse
  • Writing your story as a means to heal
  • Blossoming with new resilience superpowers

...and so many more!

This online summit provides the most comprehensive knowledge about emotional abuse in relationships that you've ever seen in one place.

Three to five videos will be released each day over the course of 10 days. Summit videos are free to watch for 24 hours and then will be moved to a permanent location.

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